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Emi-Guard is an Emission Control Technology by JAH GAIA that enhances the performance of various aspects of combustion engines. The Emi-Guard comprises of a ceramic-alloy material and through our core technology proprietary process, it affects the material to emit a Unitatem OPTIMIS™ field.


With the treatment of our proprietary process, the Emi-Guard surface forms a layer of nano pores that refines liquid molecules when come in contact and influence molecular structure changes, which leads to it becoming more efficient in the combustion process.

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Although the fuel consumption depends on the road conditions and the driver's habits, the field emitted from the Emi-Guard makes the impurities that cannot be burned become fuel so that the fuel consumption can be reduced by 5-20%.

The fewer impurities, the better the quality of the oil so that it can reduce the occurrence of engine failures in the long run.

When the molecule changes, it will increase the explosive power of the internal combustion engine, so the torque of the car is significantly improved.

Multiple test results show that the harmful substances, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas after using the Emi-Guard are greatly reduced by more than 60%.

Developed for Internal-Combustion Engine

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