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Exhaust Emission of a Petrol Car

Findings below show that at the same engine speed, the hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide in the emission gas dropped significantly after using Emi-Guard. The hydrocarbons fell from 35 to 2, a reduction of over 10 times. The toxic nitrogen oxide also reduced from 230 to 8.

Car Exhaust Emission Report.png

Emi-Guard Test Results on a Suzuki Motor Boat

Results show that after using Emi-Guard, the boat speed increases with a lower RPM. It also shows that when the fuel molecules are smaller, with the same amount of fuel the boat can reach the destination quicker. We observed that when the fuel molecules are refined into smaller particles, the fuels are burnt more thoroughly, hence, increasing the overall performance of the engine.

Boat Exhaust Emission Report (English).png

Exhaust Emission Efficiency Test on Diesel Engines

A test on the exhaust emission efficiency was done with the application of the Emi-Guard on diesel engines has shown to have a significant emission reduction effect. Data gathered from this test was done by comparing two same model new engines, with one fuelled by a tank with Emi-Guard and another without.

The engine fuelled by the Emi-Guard tank has remarkably improved in every aspect, including a 13% average increase in power and a 12% reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, engine noise was reduced by 8db. These engines were in factory standard and theoretically working at their optimal level, yet the Emi-Guard can still boost their performance.

Diesel (Eng) 2.png
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